Abdollah Javidialesaadi

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PhD Student

324 John D. Tickle Building
851 Neyland Drive
Knoxville TN 37996
Email: ajavidia@vols.utk.edu
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/abdollah-javidi-88279abb


Iran University Of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

MSc, Structural Engineering


Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran

BSc, Civil Engineering


Professional Experience

Research Engineer

Aria Earthquake Research Center, Iran, Tehran


Structural Design Engineer

Armara Consulting Engineering, Iran, Tehran


Research Interests

Rotational Inertial Tuned Mass Dampers

Improvement of the Effectiveness of Different Types of Rotational Inertial Tuned Mass Dampers

Seismic Protection of Structures

Seismic Vibration Analysis and Control of Structures Using Passive Linear and Nonlinear Devices

Optimization of Control Devices

Developing the Analytical And Numerical Optimization Methods for Optimum Design of Passive Control Devices


Javidialesaadi, A. and Abbasnia, R., “Effects of semi-rigid connections on nonlinear behavior of space frames”, 6th Iranian national civil engineering congress, Semnan University, Iran, spring 2011.

Javidialesaadi, A. and Abbasnia, R., “Nonlinear analysis of space frames with semi-rigid connections”, Journal of Steel and Structure, Iranian Society of Steel Structures, No. 11, Summer 2013.

Javidialesaadi, A. and Wierschem, N.E., “Mitigation of Structural Response Due to Near-Field Seismic Ground Motion Using an Optimized Innovative Rotational Inertia Damping Device”, Engineering Mechanics Conference, Vanderbilt University, May 2016.

Javidialesaadi, A. and Wierschem, N.E., “Extending the fixed-points technique for optimum design of rotational inertial tuned mass dampers,” 35th International Modal Analysis Conference (IMAC), Garden Grove, CA, USA, January 30 – February 2, 2017.

Javidialesaadi, A. and Wierschem, N.E., “Seismic performance evaluation of inerter-based tuned mass dampers,” 3rd Huixian International Forum on Earthquake Engineering for Young Researchers, Urbana, IL, USA, August 11-12, 2017. (Accepted)

Javidialesaadi, A. and Wierschem, N.E., “Optimal design of rotational inertial double tuned mass dampers under random excitation,” Journal of Sound and Vibration, (submitted January 2017)